MOB002 – What’s New in FIleMaker Go 13 [FILE DOWNLOAD LINK]

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Thank you for attending my session, MOB002 - What’s New In FileMaker Go 13 !

As promised, you can click below to download the “Books” file I featured in the presentation below.

The file is wide open and I spent a great deal of time putting it together and in return, I simply ask you to leave a comment below about what you thought about the session and PLEASE go to this link to fill out an evaluation on the session (very important): [SESSION EVAL LINK]





Disclaimer: The file is being distributed “as is” and no support will be offered.


* If you get a security alert message on your mac when you try to open the download, click here for the solution

Books Demo: ISBN Scan Instructional Video (23min):

GoogleAPIHere is the link to the GOOGLE Books API  used in the demo file: Click Here



Here is the link to download my slides from the presentation: Click Here


Always like hearing from all of you and my staff loves a nice challenging project! Please feel free to email me at

Please also check out “FileMaker 13 New Features” on for more details on the concepts covered in this session:



with: Cris Ippolite

…is now live on



Click here for 7- Day Free Trail!

Bonus File:  You should all check out his “Certification Study Guide” here from Matt Petrowsky as well as my “FileMaker Certification Flash Cards” file for iPhone


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New offices for iSolutions!

July, 1 2014 marks a very exciting time in the growth of iSolutions.  We are proud to announce the opening of two new offices.

NB_officeOrange County, CA office will serve as a companion location to our flagship Los Angeles office. We have a growing list of clients in the Orange County and San Diego County area and wanted to be able to better serve their needs. iSolutions’ first CA location was in Orange County back in 2001. We are pleased to get back to our roots.

MKE_officeOur client list on Milwaukee, WI continues to grow. This new office will serve a location that serves as the most densely populated list of iSolutions’ Fortune 500 clients in the country. Our new Milwaukee location will help us better serve those clients and will act as a companion to our Chicago office. iSolutions was originally started in Milwaukee in 1997 and its founding members are both Milwaukee natives.

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iSolutions’ Portfolio Tour

iSolutions Logo

iSolutions, Inc. FileMaker Solutions Tour

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Cris_Ippolite_Booth_011Learn how to design and build a smart, secure database with FileMaker Pro 13—the database solution used in both home offices and Fortune 500 companies. Cris Ippolite, drawing on years of experience with clients at his own development firm, walks through the essential FileMaker Pro skills, from creating tables and managing fields to designing layouts that display your data. He’ll show you how to find and sort data, create reports, import and export data, write scripts, diagram relationships, and more. Start now and start building your first database from scratch.

For a FREE 7-Day Trial of Click here

Topics include:

  • Creating databases from Starter Solutions
  • Determining what tables you need
  • Defining key fields and creating relationships between tables
  • Creating fields
  • Creating, duplicating, editing, and deleting records
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Managing layouts and layout objects
  • Using the Layout Assistant
  • Applying themes to layouts
  • Finding records and working with found sets
  • Building reports and charts
  • Exploring calculations
  • Creating and triggering scripts
  • Working with relationships in scripts, calculations, and charts

View this entire FileMaker Pro 13 Essential Training course and more in the Online Training Library®.



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iSolutions Speaking At FileMaker DEVCON 2014



Come to the FileMaker Developer Conference 2014 and discover how the FileMaker Platform can help you run your business without boundaries. To thrive, you and your team need to be able to work from anywhere — whether it’s in a warehouse, emergency room, retail store, or classroom. Attend DevCon and break the boundaries to creating the custom solution you’ve always wanted. Choose from a wide variety of sessions on design, mobility, development, business, and innovation. Join over 1,200 FileMaker developers in San Antonio, Texas from July 28-31, 2014 and take the first steps to achieving your business goals.

iSolutions will have two speakers on the schedule for the 2014 DEVCON. Cris Ippolite and Molly Connolly will be presenting a total of three sessions this year:


Preparing for the FileMaker Certification exam doesn’t stop with just taking a FileMaker Training Series class. This session will review all the resources available to those who wish to properly prepare for the exam. Recommended reading and additional study guides will be reviewed as well as a discussion on how and where to take the exam. This session will introduce attendees to the “next steps” for preparing for certification and will point to specific resources and tips. Attendees will also have time to ask questions about FileMaker Certification. (Lunch will be provided.)


Anyone interested in FileMaker Certification

  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker Server
  • FileMaker WebDirect
  • xDBC
  • Exam logistics
  • How the exam process works
  • Additional resources for preparing for the exam
  • Next steps for becoming certified

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“WHAT’S NEW IN FILEMAKER GO 13″ with Cris Ippolite

The FileMaker Go app has been one of the most exciting recent additions to the FileMaker Platform. Understanding what can be done with your database on FileMaker Go is key to integrating iOS devices into your databases. FileMaker 13 includes several key new features that can greatly enhance your FileMaker Go layouts. This session will introduce you to each of them with examples and demo files provided for attendees including: using the “Touch Keyboard Type” option for choosing the right iOS keyboards, using “Insert From Device” to scan bar codes, detecting gestures and orientation changes and using slide controls and popovers to create animated effects in your FileMaker Go layouts.


Exposure to FileMaker Go and FileMaker calculations and scripting

  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker Pro
  • Choosing the iOS right keyboard type for your FileMaker fields
  • Detecting gestures and orientation changes via Script Triggers
  • Integrating popovers and slide controls to create animated effects in FileMaker Go Layouts
  • Bar code scanning and inserting from device

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You’ve hired a smart, capable individual who fits your company culture but now you need to get them up to speed? How do you introduce them to maintaining your existing systems? How do you teach them FileMaker Pro from scratch when you barely have time to keep up with the work that you have? Or, for a semi-experienced developer, how do you create a training plan that helps them fill in gaps in their experience and move forward on a path towards continuous learning? This session will provide a framework for developing a short and long-term training plan for your new hire. It will focus on both technical and logistical steps in ensuring your new hire is being productive and able to move forward with or without direct supervision. Sample training exercises and community resources will be provided.


For developers or hiring managers looking to mentor and train new developers.

  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker Server
  • Learn about existing resources you can leverage to help train your new hire
  • Develop a training plan for new developers that focuses on their strengths to maximize productivity
  • Implement procedures to help new developers with overall communication and learning
  • Identify ways to evaluate progress and measure success

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“Getting Rid of Paper-based Processes” Webinar

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iSolutions, Inc. presented a webinar on behalf of Filemaker called:

“Getting Rid of Paper-based Processes” which covered building FileMaker Go applications to replace manual processes.

We did two demos of  solutions created for our clients that used FileMaker Go to replace a manual or paper-based forms.

Both systems also had native FileMaker syncing between go and a file hosted on FileMaker server. Please take a look at the entire webinar by clicking below:

Click for : Paper Forms Webinar in Full Screen


Click here to view a write up of the KOHL’s Database Solution described in the webinar: Kohl’s Portfolio

Click here to view a write up of the Lanx Database Solution described in the webinarPortfolio



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with: Cris Ippolite

…is now live on

Course Description:
Cris Ippolite is your guide in this tour of the new and enhanced features in the entire FileMaker 13 platform. Learn how to work with styles and object visibility; add objects like popovers and slide controls to your layouts in FileMaker Pro; share your database with FileMaker Server 13; and publish it to a web browser with WebDirect. Cris also reviews the scripting and calculation enhancements and improvements in the FileMaker Go app for iOS.

Topics Include:

  • An overview of the new FileMaker 13 platform
  • Working with Object States
  • Defining custom styles
  • Creating new themes
  • Object visibility
  • Applying Active state to portal rows and lists
  • Outer and inner shadow and padding
  • Working with popovers
  • FileMaker Server 13 Admin Console
  • Uploading files to FileMaker Server 13
  • Performing scripts on the server
  • New FileMaker script triggers
  • Base64 encoding and decoding
  • The new Get functions
  • Introducing WebDirect
  • The new FileMaker Go 13
  • Custom iOS keyboard types
  • Barcode scanning

CLICK HERE To Get 7 days of free unlimited access to

4 Hours

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Lucky 13: The NEW FileMaker Pro 13 platform is here!

Lucky 13: The NEW FileMaker Pro 13 platform is here!

Published by | Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

After 20 months of anticipation from the product community, FileMaker Inc. finally unveiled its next-generation platform for business productivity: FileMaker Pro 13. Having worked closely with FileMaker 13 for several months prior to launch, I can tell you there are plenty of improvements to satisfy any level of FileMaker developer or end user. For new FileMaker users, the platform makes it much easier than ever before to create beautiful app-like databases—and it offers some long-awaited features that FileMaker fans won’t be able to live without.

Chief among the more than 50 new features are

The marquee feature of the new FileMaker 13 is a web-sharing technology called WebDirect, which allows you to share your FileMaker database through any HTML/5-compliant browser—with no web development skills required.


Databases accessed via the web use an interface that mirrors the one in FileMaker’s desktop app. Changes made through the web are updated to the FileMaker database in real time, so you can see up-to-date information regardless of the client used to make the updates. This is a very cool way to share your database with users that may not have FileMaker.

FileMaker Go’s app-like design tools
On the mobile device front, I’m excited to report that FileMaker 13 offers additional support for native iOS behaviors, including pop-overs, slide controls, and gesture support. The built-in cameras in the iPhone and iPad can now be used to scan bar codes, and FileMaker Go supports seven different iOS keyboard types, so users are shown the appropriate keyboard based on the type of data being entered.

Shareable themes and editable styles
FileMaker 13 builds upon the new design surface introduced in version 12 and adds major improvements to FileMaker’s design capabilities, including support for shareable custom themes and styles, and the ability to drag and drop data fields onto design layouts.

FileMaker offers over 50 themes, all customizable. To help you give the database a uniform look, FileMaker is introducing styles, which let you change the look of objects all at once. You can create custom styles and use them later. With more options, you’ll spend less time applying the same designs to all your layouts and more time using your database.

New browser-based admin console
A welcome treat for anyone who needs to manage FileMaker Server, FileMaker 13 includes a web-based administrative console that requires no Java and runs natively in any HTML5-compliant browser, providing crisp, clean, and responsive server administration without relying on third-party software.

In my upcoming FileMaker Pro 13 New Features course, I’ll be going into each of these topics in depth, as well as touching on many more new things in FileMaker 13. Speaking as a 20-year FileMaker enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to check out this latest release, especially if need to get your databases into a web browser, or onto an iPhone or iPad.

FileMaker and FileMaker Go are registered trademarks of FileMaker, Inc., in the U.S. and other countries.

alt=” – start learning today”/>


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“Intro to FileMaker and HTML5″ session available online!


FileMaker released the downloadable and recorded versions of many of the sessions from the 2013 FileMaker Developers Conference.

Session recordings are now available to view online or for download. We hope you take time to view the sessions you missed or learn more from those you attended.

To access the session recordings, enter your TechNet member log-on credentials here:

Then click on the side bar link  “Get session recordings.”

Once inside, you can click on the section for ”Integration and Web” and the first session you will see is the “Intro to FileMaker and HTML5” session. You can view online or download.

If you are interested in downloading all the files referenced in the session, click here.


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FileMaker and officially announced FileMaker DEVCON 2013. The event will take place in San Diego August 11-15 2013.

The conference will have 4 concurrent conference tracks, with over 60 sessions to choose from. The sessions can be found here: SCHEDULE

Come to the FileMaker Developer Conference 2013 and discover all the new, innovative technologies in the FileMaker Platform and how you can build powerful, robust solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web.

Choose from 80 sessions on topics that cover core basics, design, development, integration, the web, iOS, and business. Attend DevCon 2013 in San Diego, CA and you’ll become even more innovative in delivering top-notch FileMaker solutions for your clients or your business.

Gold Package attendees will have access to the “FileMaker Training Series” track. For the second year in a row, Cris Ippolite from iSolutions is managing the FTS Track. The track will cover 10 modules over four days.

Cris Ippolite will also be presenting on the track and will be covering the following modules:


This session will be open to all DevCon attendees and is designed to discuss the FileMaker Training Series (FTS) track and various topics covered in the particular sessions. Attendees will be introduced to the sessions and also how they may help you prepare for FileMaker Certification. This session is ideal for anyone attending the FTS Track or for those interested in enhancing their skills and learning directly from FileMaker Authorized Trainers.

What You Will Learn

  • Preview the FTS track sessions
  • Introductions to the track speakers
  • Housekeeping announcements
  • Q&A on FTS Track


You may have heard about integrating interactive elements into your FileMaker layouts using Web Viewer and HTML 5.”HTML5″ has come to be a brand that really describes using a combination of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to create applications. FileMaker’s web viewer can display HTML5 and these other technologies, yet these concepts can be difficult to grasp. This session will introduce you to the basics behind displaying HTML, allowing user interaction, working with images and communicating back and forth with FileMaker Pro. All of these fundamentals will be demonstrated and you will learn about HTML5 authoring tools, important HTML5 resources and will be given a working demo file showing FileMaker/HTML5/ CSS and JavaScript all working together.

What You Will Learn:

  • Displaying HTML in the Web Viewer using
  • Data URLs Triggering FileMaker Scripts via User Actions
  • Using FMP://
  • Integrating FileMaker Data into HTML5 via Web Viewer
  • Displaying Container Field Contents in HTML 5 via Web Viewer


Preparing for the FileMaker Certification Exam doesn’t stop here. This session will review all the resources available to those who wish to properly prepare for the exam. Recommended reading and additional study guides will be reviewed as well as a discussion on how and where to take the exam. This session will provide tips for proper preparation for those taking the exam, allowing attendees to prepare the “next steps” for preparing for certification. Attendees will also have time to ask questions about Certification. (Lunch will be provided at this session.)

What You Will Learn

  • Exam logistics
  • How the exam process works
  • Additional resources for preparing for the exam
  • Next Steps for becoming certified

To register, CLICK HERE, and take advantage of the “Early Bird” discount before June 17, 2011.

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